Sal Terranova and Camden Templeton are cousins separated by upbringing, the Atlantic Ocean, and a common language. Then fate (with help from a run of bad luck and a dead uncle) throws them together in the least likely of places: Texas. Exiled in this strange land, they must band together in order to save the family bookstore from financial ruin, from its own insane employees, and probably from themselves. This is the story of what happens when The Sopranos meets Fawlty a bookstore.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

One Week to Go!

Time for an update on the Pubslush project as we head into the final week of the campaign. With 7 days to go we are at 81% of goal. The project will wrap up on May 1, and whatever has been raised will go toward editing, cover design, and all the other stuff necessary to bring to novel to the world.

There is still time to pick up some one of a kind rewards (like a signed, very limited edition hardcover copy of the book) and be part of the story. Here's the link:

In a week this blog will move to chronicling the next phase of The Last Word: pre-publication.

It continues to be a wacky, wonderful ride.

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